Why Are Springs Critical For Driver Safety?


Wire form springs, coil springs, and custom made springs have a surprising number of real-life applications. Spring manufacturers make springs that go into cars, racing bikes, and airplanes — and some springs even help store and conserve energy before distributing it all over the world. Let’s talk about cars. What do car manufacturers and auto mechanics — and even people making repairs at home — need to know about automotive springs?

Why Do Cars Need Springs?

Automotive springs — and sometimes custom made springs — play an essential role in any car’s suspension, and drivers rely on suspensions for stable steering and handling as well as a smooth, comfortable ride. Without a suspension, for example, driving over small bumps may literally result in cars’ wheels leaving the road. A suspension absorbs the shock when driving over any bumps and/or obstacles, like railroad tracks, ensuring a safe and uninterrupted trip. Similarly, a suspension also shifts cars’ weight during turns, enabling drivers to go around corners (and more!) with relative ease.

Automotive Springs And Suspensions

Suspensions need springs, and cars need suspensions. Now that we understand suspensions keep drivers safe — especially when turning and driving on uneven surfaces — what precise role do springs play? First, there are several types of springs that may be used in any given vehicle. Coil springs, such as straight coil springs, generally have a standard diameter and expand and contract to absorb shock from car wheels and the road. Coil springs may be made out of a number of different materials; the most popular materials are titanium, beryllium copper, and stainless steel. Titanium is a very durable metal because this metal is corrosion-resistant and is very strong and very light. You should get this from a reliable titanium supplier. Nearly all coil springs are helical, or in the shape of a helix. Air springs are also fairly common. These springs contain a contain of air that ultimately absorbs shock from car vibrations.

Springs have many essential, everyday functions. People all over the world depend on springs to absorb vibrations, keep car suspensions in working order, and ultimately keep drivers and roads safe. Check out this site for more.

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