Why Chevy Cars Are Some Of The Most Trusted Vehicles On The Market

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America continuously leads the vehicle market with trusted brands produced in our own backyards. There were 16.5 million new vehicles purchased in 2014; that is nearly a million more vehicles than the previous year. The average vehicle on the road today is just over 11 years old — many of those vehicles were produced by American manufacturers like Chevrolet. Here are all the reasons you need to support American automobile manufacturing.

New Chevy Car Features

Creating jobs for our neighbors is an added benefit to buying American-made automobiles. The world in general has had an increasing interest in advanced safety features, eco-friendly options, and fuel conservation — for this reason Chevy cars have always stayed competitive. J.D. Power’s 2015 U.S. Tech Choice Study found that 40% of drivers believe that blind spot detection and preventative features are their most preferred new car technology; around 33% enjoy night vision as their preferred new car technology. By continuing to improve on the foundation that made them successful, Chevrolet and other American automobile manufacturers continue to win over new customers and keep existing customers.

Chevy Car Dealerships

General Motors (GM) delivered 9,924,880 new trucks, cars, and vans around the world in 2014, making it one of the globe’s largest vehicle producers. Up to 27.7% of new car buyers belong to Generation Y, who are reportedly willing to spend an average of $3,703 on technology alone for their next vehicle. As expectations and prices rise for new vehicles, the National Automobile Dealers Association expects a 7% decline in the national used-car price average to under $15,000 in 2016 from 2014’s $16,025. With used car prices on the decline, many Chevy dealerships offer certified used-car programs that are backed by the manufacturers to help ensure a good purchase. In a world oversaturated by commodities, sometimes it is good to know that quality companies exist to produce safe, reliable, and affordable American-made vehicles that your family can count on.

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