Why Install Electric Car Charging Stations at Your Hotel?

As a hotel owner, you know that you are always on the lookout to make your lodgings as comfortable and convenient for your guests as you can. With so many guests driving electric cars, having ports and EV charging stations available is all the more important.

Why install these charging ports at your hotel for guests to use? Even if only a small percentage of your clientele actually drive a car that needs to be charged, having EV stations is important. Here are a few reasons why you want this addition made to your hotel.

You Stand Out Among Competitors

Do you want to stand out among the other hotel chains in your area? Add an EV charging network to your parking area. Guests who drive electric vehicles will be more likely to come your way for lodging than to stay at a competitor simply for the convenience of being able to charge their car on-site.

You also stand out among your competitors when you add a vehicle charging station because you come across as more environmentally friendly and modern when you add an EV charging network to your hotel’s amenities.

You Offer Customer Convenience

There are more electric car drivers on the road than you’d think: the electric car market is increasing steadily by nearly 40% yearly. With over 20,000 public and private charging port stations across the US, it’s wise to jump on board and offer this convenience at your own location.

The Investment Pays for Itself

Investing in an EV charging network pays for itself rapidly. Even if you do not charge guests an additional fee to use these vehicle charging stations, you pay for your investment in other ways.

Your investment is covered by the consumer demand of these charging stations as well as the positive reputation your company can gain in having these stations on-site. You can install a single vehicle charging station or install a complete EV charging network for consumer convenience.

Whether you have an interest in adding this type of service to your hotel or you have a single EV charging port already and wish to add more, having an EV charging network on your hotel’s grounds is beneficial. Speak to a representative to learn more about how this type of network benefits you.

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