Why Synthetic Lubricants are a Worthy Investment

Day by day, the economy gets tougher. That calls for every company to find ways of filling any loophole that can potentially decrease profits. The need to maximize profits has seen the role of machine lubricants evolve. The role has shifted from only a tool to keep things running smoothly, to a centerpiece in the manufacturing industry. It is now used to increase efficiency as well as extending the life span of tools. The overall benefit turns out to be lower production cost, which translates to more full profit margins.

Machine manufacturers have continued to build more productive machinery, which in turn calls for state of the art metalworking fluids. It is crucial to match any metalworking fluid to your machinery to get the most out of it. Therefore, get a supplier who takes time to understand your machinery before making any recommendations.

Has Environmental Consciousness Turned the Tables?

In the recent past, environmental conservation has been on top of people’s minds. The manufacturing industry has not been an exception. In the ecological conservation gear, some products, for instance, chlorine, are no longer used as much as they used to.

The metalworking fluids manufacturers are continually looking for ways to manufacture environmentally friendly products to uphold compliance with the existing regulations.

Types of Metalworking Fluids

The market has a wide variety of machinery, each with its uniqueness. Therefore, we need different solutions for different machines. Here are some.

Machining Coolants

The primary role of machining coolants is providing improved performance as well as finish. Besides, they give a relatively high operator acceptance. Better still, machining coolants leave negligible residue on the machine, as well as increasing the machine’s life span. All these advantages play a significant role in reducing disposal cost.

Lubricating Oils

Lubricating oils come in handy when it comes to reducing the maintenance cost of any machinery. The oils are formulated using mineral oil as the base oil besides other additives. Since the base oil is the same across all lubricating oils, it is the additives that make a distinction from one oil to another.


As the name suggests, cleaners are used across the entire manufacturing process. They can be used either for cleaning metal removal fluids or beefing up rust protection.

Rust Preventives

The rust preventives are used to keep rust and oxidation away from the machinery parts. Preventing rusting is especially helpful during warehousing.

Cutting Oils

Cutting oils are versatile in terms of performance. The key reason why cutting oils are used is to improve machine life. However, the oils also play an active role in reducing thermal deformation, as well as improving surface finish. They also assist when it comes to flushing away chips from the cutting zone.

Cutting oils can either be straight oils, soluble oils, semi-synthetic fluids, or synthetic fluids.

Is Synthetic Lubrication a Worthy Investment?

Straight forward, the answer is yes. Synthetic lubricants are a good investment. On top of the list is the fact that they provide enhanced temperature performance, both high and low. They enable machine parts to start with ease even on freezing days.

On the other hand, on days with high temperatures, these lubricants come in handy due to their high viscosity index. The high viscosity index maintains a consistent viscosity hence better protection of your machinery on warm days.

Synthetic lubricants also go a long way in preventing rust, oxidation, as well as thermal breakdown. That said, you can never go wrong with a synthetic lubricant.

Castrol Cutting Fluid

Castrol cutting fluid is vital in any manufacturing process. It comes with many advantages. Most importantly, it makes cutting and shaping very easy. It also lowers the production cost significantly.

Castrol cutting fluid does an excellent job at improving the finish of various surfaces. After a long metalworking process, you want your final product to be appealing to the eye. All the rough finishing and the slightest imperfections will be gone.

Besides giving you a flawless finish, Castrol cutting fluids can be used as a coolant. There are two ways to go about it. You can either spray it on your surface using a jet applicator, or you can submerge the product you want to cool in a pool filled with the cutting fluid.

When working in the metalworking industry, ensure you invest in the right machinery lubrication products for best results.

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