Why We Love Classic Cars

Why is it that we are so drawn to classic cars? The auto industry in the United States only came into its own in the early parts of the 20th century, yet the car has made America what it is today and continues to affect our social and cultural history in a significant way. Since the car was invented, we’ve been drawn to old classics as much as to the newest and flashiest thing on the market. There is a constant need for professionals to inspect classic cars and for classic car appraisal. Here’s why we love them.

We Love to Tinker

Americans are a nation of DIYers and fixers. We love to do things ourselves and always have. We hire someone to inspect classic cars before we buy, but we also don’t mind doing some work on the vehicle ourselves. Whether we’re making a classic hotrod uniquely ours with custom work or lovingly restoring a car to it’s original condition, we can’t help but get our hands dirty.

Classic Cars Are an Investment

Another reason for the strong market in classic car inspections is the investment these vehicles represent. Reselling antique cars can be a great way to make money; or holding on to a classic car can mean you have a significant value to pass on to your children or sell to support retirement. For the classic car owner, the pre purchase car inspection is just the first step to making an investment that is sure to get better with age.

We Are Nostalgic

There’s no denying that most people have a nostalgic feeling about the past. Things were better back then, or those were the days when people took a family picnic together on Sunday afternoon in their beautiful car. Classic cars are distinctive by era, and each decade represents a different time in American history and different moment in our cultural heritage Some of us just really want a piece of that.

They Are Beautiful

A great car is a work of art, even today. Modern sports cars in particular are designed with form in mind just as much as function, and even cheaper vehicles must at least give a nod to the aesthetic if they hope to sell well.

When you call for someone to inspect classic cars you’re interested in, they’re inspecting pieces of art from an earlier era. Just as an art museum showcases works from different time periods—each beautiful in their own way—the classic car collector’s garage showcases vehicles that each capture a unique aspect of mechanical beauty.

These are just some of the reasons we love to collect classic cars. There are also reasons personal to each collector. Whatever your reasons, always start your search with a car inspection to make sure you’re getting the quality you hope for and deserve.

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