Why You Need a Pontoon Boat This Summer

There were almost 12 million registered boats in the United States in 2016, and that number is likely to increase, due to more interest and younger buyers. Over 140 million Americans went boating that year and recreational marine sales brought in $36 billion 2016, up 3.5% from 2015. There are a number of reasons for this increase. The water is a powerful attraction and more and more people see it as a way to relax, have fun with friends and family, and explore new areas of the water around them. One type of boat that has also become more popular in recent years is pontoon boats. Whether you’re looking at used pontoons for sale or premier pontoons, there are a number of advantages to owning used pontoons.

What Are Pontoon Boats? 
This type of boat is easily identified thanks to the pontoons — two or more metal tubes. Generally speaking the boat itself has a large flat deck and the pontoons support the deck. The pontoons are extremely buoyant, which allows for a larger deck space and more accommodations (making them perfect for throwing parties). And better pontoon design also means that more horsepower can be added — again, making them a fun boat for a party!

Smaller pontoon boats usually only can hold one or two people and are often used for fishing, but frameless pontoon boats are becoming more popular, as this type of boat experiences a comeback. With the renewed interest in pontoon boats, there are also new designs to choose from as well and innovations.

For example, premier pontoon boats might boast lounges, grills, wakeboard racks, a bar, and other amenities. They’re optimal for sunbathing, waterskiing, swimming, or even just going around the area.

What are the Advantages of Owning Pontoon Boats? 
Pontoon boats tend to be extremely versatile. They can be used for activities like fishing, water skiing, or wakeboarding. However, they’re also a great place to relax — take it out to the middle of the lake, mix up a few drinks, and stretch out on the deck for some prime sunbathing. For families, you can have a mix of action and fun — there’s plenty of space to stretch out in and tubing is certainly an option.

Pontoon boats can also have some serious get up and go, depending on the model you purchase. If you get one with a lot of horsepower, you can have a lot of fun, and it can make tubing or wakeboarding a real thrill.

If you’re buying it as another option for parties, luxury pontoons offer a little bit of everything. Comfortable seating arrangements, standing bars, grills, and fun lighting and fencing for safety. Plus, you’ll be out on the open water, and a little fresh summer air can turn a mood downright festive in no time. It’s a great way to beat the summer heat too — get too hot? Just jump over the side and cool off!

Where Can I Buy a Pontoon Boat? 
If you live near a body of water, there’s a good chance there is a boat dealer around who sells watercraft and boats, and they likely have some pontoon boat options to offer. Pontoon dealers can fix you up with the parts including boat batteries you need and talk with you about what type of pontoon boat is best for what you’re looking to use it for. You can also find boat parts or used pontoon boats online, but you want to make sure that everything is in good shape or that the online retailer is reputable, so do your research there first.

If you’re really ambitious, there are also kits to build your own pontoon boat, or to affix pontoons onto an existing boat, if the frame so permits.

Interested in adding some extra enjoyment to your summer? Think about opting for a pontoon boat! It’s a flexible choice suitable for individuals of all ages, providing abundant customization opportunities to match your tastes. And remember, if you’re looking to dispose of your current boat, consider seeking assistance from Removal old boats services.

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