You Won’t Believe How This Truck Was Nearly Sliced in Half By a Saw Blade

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You know what they say about life. It’s a highway, and a lot of people sing about riding it all night long.

That is until a giant saw blade comes hurtling down the road toward your vehicle, slicing right through the hood and engine.

That’s exactly what happened to one driver heading down the Chongqing-Guizhou expressway in central China, when a massive circular saw blade lodged itself a foot and a half into his truck’s hood. It’s something not even the safest used cars or pre owned vehicles could protect against.

According to a June 23 UK Telegraph article, Mr. Xiang, whose first name wasn’t reported, struggled to keep the steering wheel steady as the five-foot blade sliced into the engine of his JMC truck. Miraculously, he was able to bring the truck safely to a stop — and walked away minutes later with barely a scratch.

“I heard a ‘bang’ and then I saw all the white smoke in front of me. I almost lost control of my car,” Mr. Xiang told local reporters.

The saw blade had come from a pickup truck loaded with equipment that had been traveling in the opposite lane. The pickup truck lost control, sending three or four of these saw blades flying in different directions. This is why it is so important to have a commercial truck insurance policy that can cover accidental damages like this. 

Local police said that if the blade had been traveling at a higher speed or a different angle, Mr. Xiang would likely have been sliced in half, Gawker reported. In China, road injuries are the third-leading cause of death, making them even more prevalent than cancer.

Luckily, Mr. Xiang wasn’t hurt during the incident — though understandably, he was visibly shaken to have driven head-first into a spinning wheel of death.

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